Green Lubricants

Camie’s New Line of “Green” Lubricants

Green Lubricants

Camie recently launched a new line of biodegradable lubricants, Tom’s Secret Formula. Because it is made with natural vegetable oils, there’s no danger of polluting the water, soil or work environment. And unlike petroleum-based lubricants, Tom’s Secret Formula Truckers’ Lubricant does not contain chemical solvents that evaporate, making them last longer and perform better.

Their Shelby® brand of aerosol products was introduced in 2001 to comply with the 2002 California VOC regulations. These products are also compliant with the 2005 VOC regulations adopted in the Northeastern United States.

Power Lines, Inc is a leading provider of Green Lubricants to clients on the east coast including New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ), Florida, Georgia, Virginia, Ohio, North & South Carolina, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland & Pennsylvania. Because of our selection, service and price on a variety of Green Lubricants, we serve clients as far away as California and can ship nationwide as well as internationally.

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