Mailing Equipment Parts & Supplies

Parts For Inserters, Sorters  & More
Mailing Equipment Parts Power Lines, Inc. carries everything you need to keep your mail processing operation running at peak efficiency. The last thing you need is delaying your customer’s job because you can’t get the right part at the right price NOW. If you produce anything that is going to be handled through the USPS,  we carry replacement belts and consumable parts for your equipment. We stock many of the most commonly used items for the following types of mailing equipment: Pre-sort (Siemens, Pitney Bowes, NPI, OPEX/PTI, and MailCode), Inkjetting (Kirk Rudy, Videojet, MCS/RSI, and Cheshire), Friction Feeders (Sure-Feed, Streamfeeder, and FlowMaster) and Folders (Baumfolder, Stahl, and MBO).   Have you modified your equipment and need custom belts made to your specifications?  No problem, Power lines, Inc. is your one stop solution provider. Contact us today for pricing and availability for the part you need NOW. Want to try before you buy? Ask about our sampling program.

Mailing Equipment Parts

  • Hi Heat Dryer Belts for Inkjet Labelers (Kirk Rudy, Buskro etc…
  • Belts for Friction Feeders and Card Attaching Systems
  • Suckers for Inserters
  • Replacement Belts for Folding Equipment (Stahl, MBO, Baumfolder…)
  • Transport Belts for Envelope Printers (Bryce/Secap, Formax)
  • PTFE UHMW and other Non-Marking Tapes
  • Bindery Supplies
  • Aerosol Sprays, Adhesives, Silicones, Anti-Static

Pre-Sorter Parts

We carry an extensive line of replacement belts and other items for MLOCR mail sorting equipment from the following manufacturers:
  • - Siemens
  • - Bell & Howell
  • - Mail Code / Pitney Bowes
  • - National Presort
  • - Opex / PTI
Folder Parts - Power Lines, quality replacement belts and parts for Baumfolder, Stahl Folders and MBO Folders. Non-marking tapes,stacker belts and register tapes.
Pre-Sort Equipment Parts and Supplies - Power Lines Inc. offers a complete line of replacement parts for MLOCR Sorting Equipment from manufacturers like Pitney Bowes ,Bell and Howell, NPI , Siemens and OP.. Feed belts,
Mail Inserter Replacement Parts - Power Lines Inc. offers a complete line of replacement belts and parts for Mail Inserter Parts & Equipment. Feed belts, o-rings, turn-over belts and other OEM quality parts for your equipment.
Paper Drilling Parts and Supply - Power Lines Inc. sells replacement parts for Paper Drilling Equipment including hollow drill bits and cutting blocks.
Stream Feeder Parts - Power Lines Inc. offers a complete line of Stream Feeder Parts , including feed belts,o-rings and elevator belts. Let us help you keep running.
Bindery Equipment Parts and Supplies - Power Lines Inc. offers a complete line of Bindery Equipment Parts and Supplies, including Suckers, GreyGrip Tape, Belting, Strapping, Rubber bands and PTFE Tape.
Sure Feed Parts & Supplies - Parts And Supplies For Sure Feed Bulk Mailing Equipment Power Lines Inc. offers a complete line of Sure Feed Parts including feed belts, elevator belts, o-rings and everything you need for your FlowMaster System. Custom Equipment? We can help you too. We realize how crucial it is to keep your operation running smoothly, which is why we stock the Sure ...

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